Change the sticky header logo size

Normally the logo is resized for the sticky header to move it up and out of the way allowing for more screen real estate. Sometimes though you may want the sticky header logo to be a bit larger or even the same size as the regular logo. You can fine tune this setting using the following custom CSS in your WP Dash / Appearance / Customize / Additional CSS

/* Adjust the sticky Header logo height */
.headhesive--clone #logo img {
height:inherit !important;
width:inherit !important;
max-height: 75px !important; } 

/* Adjust the padding above your menu */
.headhesive--clone .navbar-nav {
margin-top:34px !important

/* Adjust the padding for cart icon */
.headhesive--clone .themo_cart_icon{
margin-top:46px !important