Polylang - Getting Started

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Polylang Setup

  1. Install via WP Dash / Plugins / Add new or Download from the WordPress Plugin Repo
  2. Go to WP Dash / languages / Choose a language / Save changes, in my example I’ll use English Canadian or en_CA
  3. Add as many languages as you need for your website. In my example I’ll be using French Canadian fr_CA
  4. Your languages page should look something like this Screenshot
  5. Media Library - If you don’t need your media library translated (most people don't) please deactivate this under WP Dash / Languages / Settings / Media - choose Deactivate. Screenshot
  6. Assign default language to existing content. 
    • If you are translating existing content from a previous website or if you have used the Theme Setup Guide then you will need to specify a language for all the existing content.
    • Set the default language for all content using the bulk mode.

Translating a Page

If you are starting out with a blank page you can click on the + icon under All Pages / to create a translation or open the page you wish to translate for editing and click on the flag you wish to create a translation for.

or from inside the edit screen click on the + to the left to the language you wish to create a new translation for.

If you are translating a page that already has content, use the Duplicate feature on WP Dash / Pages / All Pages /  to create a duplicate of your page.

Once the page has been duplicated, open it up for editing, give it a title and set it's language. You can connect this page to it's translated version by using the text filed next to the flag under Languages. Start typing and it will give you a list of pages you can attach it to.

You can being to translate this page. 

If the duplicate function does not work for you there are a few plugins that will duplicate the content.

The same steps can be done for Tours.