Master Slider - Setup

Depending on which theme you have installed, you may see a notice: "Invalid Slider ID or Alias". You may need to import the sliders that come with the theme. On your WordPress dashboard, click / Master Slider in the admin menu. See if you have any sliders listed there, if not, follow these steps to import them.

Stratus & Pursuit

To import the included demo sliders you will just need the JSON file. It is included in the theme download package in a folder titled "demo content" but you can also download it here:  Stratus-master-slider.json

1. Download the file to your computer

2. Go into the WordPress dashboard for your website and click Master Slider from the menu on the left:

3. Click the grey Import & Export button:

4. In the modal that appears, navigate on your computer to where you saved the above file, select it and click the teal Import button.

5. Now you should have all of the demo sliders available, and they will automatically appear on the applicable pages since the shortcodes are already in place.

5. Note that there is currently a small bug in Master Slider where some text doesn't appear quite right after import. All you have to do is open the slider titled "Home Parallax" and click the Save button. Then it will appear as expected on the page.