How to add a countdown like the live demo

In the Pursuit live demo, there are a couple of pages that show an ICO countdown:

Here is how you can add a countdown:

1. After you activate the Pursuit theme, the automated installer will run and you can import the demo content.

The two above pages will show a shortcode instead of the countdown text:

2. To create a countdown, install and activate this free plugin: - you can search for it and install from the Plugins section in your WP admin area.

After activating, you will then have a new menu item in the admin area: 

3. Navigate to  Countdowns, click on Add new +, and then use the fields to input the date to which you want to countdown.

4. Navigate to the Style tab. You can input the settings however you like, but to match the live demo these are the 2 settings:

5. Click the blue Update button on the right side, and your Countdown has been created.

6. It will automatically appear on the two ICO demo pages since the shortcode is already in place. If you want to show it anywhere else, just add the shortcode shown on the main Countdowns page (in the admin under Wow-Company > Countdowns).

By default, the first one is:

[Wow-Countdowns id=1]