Booked Options for Multiple Bookings / Quantity

In the Booked plugin, generally speaking each booking is for one time slot. Each time someone goes through and makes a booking, the available slots for that time will decrease by one.

To have a quantity option, there are a couple of options we recommend:

1. You can add a dropdown as a Custom Field in Booked so that during the booking process, they can set the number of people. That number would not connect to the Booked time slots, but it would come through in the booking info.

Custom field info here:

2. Or if you are wanting to accept payments with the booking, this method shown here could be a good option instead: - again with the caveat that the available slot # does not correspond with that quantity.

If neither of those options is ideal, you could leave out the quantity selection and include information on the booking page (or booking form) instructing customers to go through the booking process for each member of the group, or for each slot they intend to purchase.

If you have any questions, please feel free to open a ticket: