I can't edit my WooCommerce Shop page in Elementor

You may find that you have a WooCommerce Shop page but can't edit it in Elementor like you can with other pages.

This is because if you select a page to be the WooCommerce Shop page, then the WooCommerce plugin takes over and assigns the WooCommerce template to that page, which is then not editable in Elementor. That is how the two plugins interact, Elementor and WooCommerce.

If you go with that option, the available settings for that page are set under the Edit Page screen: https://cl.ly/1837263cdb62 - essentially you can choose if you want a header, and a sidebar with options.

If instead you want a more custom shop page like this one: https://demo.themovation.com/stratus/home-shop/ then you'll want to use one of the WooCommerce shortcodes instead:


For example:


That shortcode can be added anywhere into a page created in Elementor. We recommend using the Shortcode widget.