Missing content, photos, templates, pages or plugins

99% of the time the theme setup guide runs smoothly. Sometimes conflict arise. We can help you resolve most issues here.

The theme setup should successfully:
  • install and activate a child theme (Appearance / Themes / [Theme Name] - Child theme)
  • download and activate all required plugins (see related articles below)
  • import all demo pages from the live demo (Dashboard / Pages / All pages)
  • import all page templates (Dashboard / Templates / Saved Templates)
  • import all custom post types unique to each theme
    • Stratus (Dashboard / Portfolio / All Projects)
    • Bellevue (Dashboard / Rooms / All Rooms + Dashboard / Accommodations / Accommodation Types)
    • Entrepreneur (Dashboard / Portfolio / All Projects)
    • Embark (Dashboard / Tours / All Tours)
    • Pursuit (Dashboard / Portfolio / All Projects)
    • Uplands (Dashboard / Course Guide / All Holes)
  • setup main menu (Dashboard / Appearance / Menus / Main menu - Primary navigation)
  • imported all theme options (Dashboard / Appearance / Customize / Theme Options)

Essentially it should look like the live demo with some of the photography replaced with placeholders.


95% of the photos we use are licensed under Creative Commons meaning that they can be downloaded for free. Each theme should include a link to a zip or links directly to where you can download or purchase theme.

Reference " How to get photos, templates, plugins directly" at the bottom of this article.


All pages should also be stored under Dashboard / Templates so that you can pull these into any new pages that you wish to create.

What to do if your theme setup did not work correctly

First, try to rerun the Theme Setup guide. You can find it under Dashboard / Appearance / Theme Setup.


  1. Yes - Awesome!
  2. No - Okay, reference "Easy fixes for the most common roadblocks" at the bottom of this article.