How to setup the theme

Have you installed WordPress already?

  1. Yes - Awesome! Continue. 
  2. No - Okay, reference "How to install WordPress" at the bottom of this article.

Watch the video

Setup the theme in 3 minutes

Once the theme is activated you should be automatically taken to the Them Setup Guide. If not, go to Appearance / Theme Setup / from there you will see the Setup Guide. 

Here are our recommended options.

Welcome Screen

  • Choose 'Next' or "Continue"

Customization Support

  • Choose "Continue"

Nice work! Screen.

  • Choose "Let's Go'"

Theme Plugins

  • Choose "Continue" to install all plugins.
  • You may see an error beside the Booked plugin, please ignore and continue.

Theme Demo Style

  • Choose your preset style you would like to install.
  • Click "Continue"

Demo Content

  • We highly recommend keeping all items checked, you can always remove imported items from your site after the setup.
  • Makes sure all items are checked and click "Continue".

Almost done!

  • Read and click 'Continue'.

Help and Support

  • Please read and click 'Agree and Continue'

Your Website Is Ready!

Video Tutorial

This is an example install of the Bellevue Hotel Theme but the setup is virtually the same for all of our themes.