Adding a Tour Page

Adding a tour is like adding a new page in WordPress. Tours are organized under WP Dash / Tours / Add New. 

Adding a new Tour

The Elementor Page Builder is automatically enabled for Tours. To add a new Tour:

  1. Go to WP Dash / Tours / and click 'Add New'
  2. Give the Tour a title and click 'Edit with Elementor'
  3. Add the widget you wish using the Page Builder. (See related articles at the bottom of this page).
  4. Save changes.

Tour Grid Format

There are 3 styles of Tours:

  1. Standard - Tour grid has a featured image and clicks through to the Tour Page
  2. Link - Tour Grid has a featured image and you provide a custom link.
  3. Image - Tour Grid open in a lightbox and can have an Alternative Image to use for the Grid.

The Tour Grid Format meta box can be found on the Tour Edit screen on the right side under the Publish Meta Box and button.

Editing Tour Grid Options

The Tour page has unique options specifically for the Tour Grid. These need to be filled in on the Tour Edit screen.

  1. From the WP Dash / Tours menu, click 'Edit Tour' on the tour you wish to edit.
    1. If you are still in Elmentor Edit Mode, click X in the bottom right cornder and choose 'Go To Dashboard' from the pop up.
  2. Once on the Tour Edit screen scroll down to the 'Tour Grid Options' meta box. You can edit:
    1. Highlight - Text that shows up at the very top of the grid square.
    2. Title - Main title
    3. Intro - Smaller text displayed under the Title
    4. Button Text
    5. Alternative Grid Image - if you are using the lightbox option.