How to create a custom site header or footer

**This article applies only to our themes Stratus, Entrepreneur, and Bellevue. If you are using a different theme of ours, please see this article instead. Otherwise, continue reading.

Start with an empty site header / footer

  • Go to Dashboard / Stratus / Global Templates
  • Click 'Add New'
  • Give it a Title
  • Choose 'Header' (or Footer) from the 'Type of Template' dropdown
  • Choose 'Entire Website' or 'Specific Pages'  from the 'Display On' dropdown
  • Click 'Save Draft' or continue to 'Edit With Elementor' if you are ready to build.

Build your site header / footer from a template

Using the Visual Library

  • Import header / footer templates of your choice from the Visual Library
  • If your theme does not yet support the Visual Library then use the Direct download method.

Direct download

  • Import the .json files into Dashboard / Templates /  Save Templates

Insert the header or footer template in your new site header.

  • Go back to Dashboard / Stratus / Global Templates
  • Find your drafted site Header (or Footer) and click 'Edit with Elementor' or click 'Edit' then click the 'Edit with Elementor' button.
  • Click the Folder Icon button ('Add Template'), this will open the Library modal window.
  • Click the 'My Templates' tab and hover over the Header / Footer Template of your choice, click 'Insert'.
  • Build to suit and 'Save Draft' or 'Publish' when ready.

Settings and widgets

The site header / footer are designed and built with Elementor ('Edit with Elementor') but some settings are managed under the main edit screen ('Edit'). 

To access

  • Go to Dashboard / Stratus / Global Templates
  • Click 'Edit' to manage: Type of Template, Display Options, Transparent Header and Sticky support.

Type of Template: Header, Sticky Header and Footer. (Sticky header follows the user at they scroll down the page.)

Display options: Entire website, Specific Page or Post.

Transparent Header Support: Make a header the top layer and overlap page content. A great effect with semi-transparent header backgrounds.

Sticky header support: Use the setting 'Type of Template' above to enable sticky header support.

Header / footer widgets

Site Logo

Navigation Menu



Retina Image

Site Tagline

Site Title


Page Title

Default (standard) header / footer

The theme will fallback to a standard header and footer when nothing is set to display under Dashboard / Stratus / Header & Footer. 


You can manage the settings for the default header / footer under Dashboard / Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Header & Footer.

Logo section

Menu & Header