Page settings

With Page Settings, you can control some basic and useful WordPress page settings. In order to get to the page settings feature, let's click on the hamburger icon on the top left side. Then click on Page Settings.

Here, we have Settings and Style tabs.

Settings tab

  • Transparent Header - on / off
  • Transparent Header Content Style - Light / Dark
  • Alternative Logo - on / off
  • Title Margin
  • Page Title
  • Hide Title - on / off
  • Page Template Dropdown
  • Page Status
  • Sidebar Settings - Left, None, Right

On the Settings tab, we have the option to edit the title, as well as hide it with the switch. The 'Hide Title' switch works for most WordPress themes because most of them use the same selector (h1.entry-title). There are, however, some themes that use a different selector. To customize the selector for those themes, you need to go to the Elementor dashboard > Settings, and under 'Page Title Selector' specify your theme's selector.

Page Settings also allows you to choose the page template. Among the templates is Elementor's Canvas template, allowing you to quickly get rid of the header and footer, and design the entire page in Elementor. This is ideal for creating landing pages or coming soon pages.

You can also publish your page through the Page Settings, or set any other page status. This includes draft, pending review and private.

Style tab

On the style tab, you can specify the background for the entire WordPress page. This can be a color, image or gradient background, and all the options for customizing Elementor backgrounds is available as well.

You can also customize the padding, thus framing the page content and add inner padding to the content.