Testimonial Widget

You can add your testimonials easily without the need for any plugin, simply by using the Testimonial Widget. This is a great feature for promoting your services or products and for adding social proof of the value you provide your customers.

Testimonials add to your credibility and trustworthiness and should be presented in a rich and designed manner. With this widget, you can take the most basic testimonials, and make them into unique and designed testimonials.

Content Tab


  • Content - Add your testimony copy here
  • Content Size - Choose from small, medium and large copy size.
  •  Star Rating - Enable star rating using the switch and then use the slider to set the number of stars (Includes half stars).
  • Image - Add an image of a person or avatar graphic here.
  • Name - The name of the person who wrote the testimonial
  • Job - Add a job title of the person who wrote the testimonial

Image Position

  • The image can sit to the left or on top of the name and title.


  • Text alignment 

Style Tab


Choose colors for content, Star Rating, Name and Job.