How to import the custom blog post templates

**Please note this article applies only to our Stratus theme. It is not relevant for any other theme.

In the Stratus live demo, there are a number of different blog post templates that are shown. One example is this page. Any or all of the templates be easily imported into the Global Templates area using the Visual Library.

The steps are essentially the exact same as importing and setting up a site header or footer, which are outlined in this article.

The only difference is that instead of selecting 'Header' or 'Footer', instead you'll want to select 'Single' which refers to the single post template:

Then you can choose to show for 'All Posts' or you can select the specific posts that you want to display in each template. You can use as many different blog single templates as you want.

In addition to importing the pre-made demo templates, you can fully customize them or create your own concept from scratch using the Global Templates area in Stratus.

If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, please feel free to open a ticket any time.