Stratus - Header & Footer Options Overview

In the Stratus theme, there are mainly two separate options for the site header and footer.
There is the standard default theme header/footer, and then there is the Elementor header / footer builder within the Global Templates area. The default header/footer are simpler to setup, whereas the Global Templates option is more robust with many more options for customization.
Standard default header & footer
a) In the standard default header, the background can be set to an opaque white or dark grey site-wide, and on a per-page basis it can be set to a transparent background with the option of either white or dark content. All of the core theme options (Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Menu & Header) apply only to the default header. See here for an overview of the Theme Options.
To get started adding your logo in the default header, see this article.
Global Templates feature

Then there is the Global Templates feature which allows for much more customization and flexibility as the templates are built in Elementor. If a header or footer is created, then it replaces the default theme header or footer. You can use it for either one, or both if you want. We include templates for the examples shown in the live demo as well. They can be imported from the Visual Library.

See here for more info on the Global Templates header / footer builder.

Other options

Aside from the two main options, sometimes there is a need for a mega menu which is not available in the above choices. That feature is part of a bundled and optional plugin, Groovy Menu. In that case, please see the 3rd section of this article for how to enable the optional plugins.

If you choose to use Groovy, it has its own documentation here. The plugin itself includes preset templates to make it easy to get started as well.

If you have any questions or if any part is unclear, please open a ticket and we're here to help.