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  • Theme Options - Logo

    WP Dash / Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Logo Options Logo Height Logo Alternative Logo Once you've added an alternative logo, you can use it on any page using the Elementor Page Options.

  • How the Alternative Logo works

    There are two logo upload options in the theme: the main logo, and the alternative logo. How it works is the standard header (non-transparent) and the sticky header always show the main logo. This is

  • Change the sticky header logo size

    Normally the logo is resized for the sticky header to move it up and out of the way allowing for more screen real estate. Sometimes though you may want the sticky header logo to be a bit larger or

  • How to change or remove the logo

    To add a logo The default logo that shows in the upper left corner is bundled with the theme. To upload your own logo, you can go to one of these two locations (depending on theme version):-

  • Performance enhancements

    Elementor (Optional) Turn off support for Font Awesome 4 WP Dash / Elemenetor / Settings / Advanced / Load Font Awesome 4 Support = No Theme Options (Optional) Turn off preloader WP Dash Appearance /

  • Theme Options - Footer

    WP Dash / Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Footer Footer Copyright Text box Footer Credit Text box Footer Widgets Show / Hide (In the Bellevue theme there is a special area just for widgets.

  • Adding a Custom Header and Footer in Elementor

    Our themes all include a standard header (containing the logo, navigation, etc) and a widgetized footer at the bottom. If you want to customize the appearance, and/or add extra features into the

  • How to create a custom site header or footer

    Start with an empty site header / footer Go to Dashboard / Stratus / Global Templates Click 'Add New' Give it a Title Choose 'Header' (or Footer) from the 'Type of Template' dropdown Choose 'Entire

  • How to edit the sidebar content

    The sidebar is a WordPress widget area (like the footer) which means that you can add any number of WP widgets there - these are different from Elementor widgets. To select which widgets show in the

  • How to setup and edit the footer

    The footer is a WordPress widget area (like the sidebar) which means that you can add any number of WP widgets there. 1. First you can choose the number of columns to show by going under: Appearance

  • Page settings

    Note: This area has moved - previously it was accessed from the hamburger icon in the top left, now it is accessed from the gear icon in the bottom left of the panel. What can you do? With Page